How To Tell If Your Food Packaging Is Of Good Quality

How To Tell If Your Food Packaging Is Of Good Quality

Given recent events, everyone is starting to takeaway food for themselves and their families. We all want the best for our families, so it is natural that we would want to provide them with the best quality of food we can afford. A little-known fact is that the quality of the food packaging can have just as much impact on how enjoyable a dish is as the food itself.

From small plastic containers to large bento boxes, the quality of food packaging has significant effects on the overall quality of the dish, especially after making the long trip home. For your benefit, here are some of the hallmarks of good quality food packaging that your meal deserves.

No leakage

Perhaps the most straightforward indication of good food packaging is how well it keeps all the food inside it. The last thing you want is to open up your bag, only to see that grains of rice have escaped and scattered all over. This is especially important for dishes containing small or soft foods like curry. It is even more important for liquid-based foods like soup or porridge, as even the smallest leak can cause your entire precious lunch to spill out into your bag over time.

To avoid such a situation, make sure that the stalls you buy from have packaging that does not have any noticeable holes. Also, be sure to check for any leaks. Discolouration could also indicate that the food is seeping through the packaging. You can never be too careful! 


This is self-explanatory. You do not want dirty packaging for something that you will be putting in your mouth. Your food deserves only well maintained and stored, clean packaging. It should not be difficult to see the most glaring signs of poorly handled containers, such as dust, unfolding or discolouration of the material (a green colouration can even suggest mould is growing). For food to be effectively kept safe by the packaging, the packaging itself has to be free of harmful substances or microbes.


When you buy takeaway food, you always run the risk of damaging your food container before you get home. A simple fall or a particularly rough bus ride could end in your dinner spilt on the floor. Even if you are confident in your balance, even a small bump could create holes in flimsy, poor quality packaging. If you want to ensure that your food makes it home in one piece, durable packaging is a must. When you take your food, feel the container to see if the material is sturdy enough to make it back home. If it is dubious, be very careful and consider bringing your own take out lunch boxes next time.


In addition to keeping the food in, you want to keep the bad stuff out. The environment around us is full of nasty microbes, and contamination from disease-causing microbes can make you sick. Besides, you would not want dust accumulating on your food as you walk or take the bus home. Proper packaging can solve this problem easily.

One suitable form of packaging for this are Kraft Paper lunch boxes which completely cover the food. Alternatively, using plastic containers with lids are a simple way to ensure that nothing from the outside gets in. Remember, if your container is safe, so is your food.

Packaging can make or break a scrumptious takeaway meal, which is why it is so important to be able to identify good quality containers or boxes. Of course, a good store would often have good quality packaging to complement their delicious food. However, if you are concerned about a store’s packaging but still want to patronise them, why not consider taking charge of your own meal experience with your own take out lunch boxes?