The Bento Box Craze: Why Is This Food Packaging So Popular?

The Bento Box Craze: Why Is This Food Packaging So Popular?

Bento box lunch is a vital part of Japanese culture. However, over the years, it has already become a global craze and is now being used to package food by many people around the world. This is not so surprising given that bento boxes are not just functional but also quite visually-appealing! In fact, numerous members of the professional crowd are now opting to use bento boxes to store their lunch and snacks.

If you are looking for ways to upgrade the way you package your food products for your business, investing in bento boxes alongside other plastic food packaging is highly recommended. To convince you to try this new global craze in the food packaging industry, this article shares some of the major reasons why bento boxes are very popular nowadays.

1. Makes portion control easier

Disproportionately large servings of food is a common issue confronting adults these days. Some restaurants serve double, sometimes triple, the amount of food that an average should only be eating per meal! When served unnecessarily big portions of food, you are likely to either waste food or overeat.

Fortunately, bento boxes offer an effective solution to this problem with their usual compartmentalised layout. Although traditional Japanese bento boxes are composed of tightly packed food organised into various sections, modernised bento boxes now come with pre-portioned sections to eliminate the need for guesstimates. Hence, portion control becomes easier not just for the businesses but also for the consumers ultimately.

2. Helps minimise your environmental footprint

Have you ever thought about how many sandwich bags and snack wrappers your business contributes to your local landfill each year? The answer to this question is probably “too many to count.” Indeed, according to the Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment, about one-third of the 1.6 million tonnes of domestic waste disposed of in 2018 alone consists of packaging.

If you do not want your business to contribute to the worsening problem of landfills and are looking to reduce your environmental footprint instead, using bento boxes to package your products is a great solution. Essentially, the same bento box compartments that can help with portion control are also beneficial when it comes to minimising how much packaging you consume.

3. Ideal for meal-prepping

Meal-prepping refers to the concept of preparing an entire meal or dish ahead of schedule. It is particularly common among busy professionals because it can save plenty of time. If working professionals are part of your audience or clientele, then you should definitely consider using bento boxes for your food. Usually, bento boxes are microwave- and freezer-safe, thereby making them ideal for busy persons to grab and go.

 4. Aesthetically pleasing

This is one of the main reasons why bento boxes have grown in immense popularity over the past years. Not only are they beneficial but aesthetically pleasing as well! This is primarily due to the fact that visual sense is very important in Japanese cuisine. Hence, the appearance of not just the food but also the packaging needs to be pleasant and appetising. If you care about aesthetics in your business, you should certainly invest in bento boxes!


With their numerous benefits and beauty, it is no wonder that bento boxes have become so popular as a food packaging option across the world. Indeed, bento boxes offer solutions to plenty of the modern world’s problems today, including excessive food consumption, food waste, landfill mismanagement, and constant busyness. By investing in bento boxes, you are not just upgrading your business’ food packaging but are also helping your customers in a lot of ways!

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