4 Factors Worth Considering When Customising Food Packaging

4 Factors Worth Considering When Customising Food Packaging

From cold and unappetising pizzas to melted ice cream desserts, we have all experienced those times when we look forward to digging into our takeout, only to be disappointed on the first bite. More often than not, these experiences result from using the wrong take away box, which is the main culprit that spoils the flavours of our beloved foods and dishes. Many F&B businesses are guilty of this, but it should come as no surprise as food packaging design is a delicate blend of science and art that not everyone gets right the first time.

This type of design dictates how restaurants can sustain the quality of their food when not served immediately and maintain its freshness during transit. So, if you are interested in finding the right balance between form and function in your food packaging, here are a few key things you should consider to create a custom solution that fits your needs.

1. Using A Variety of Packing Materials for Optimal Temperature Control

While it is more economical to stick to one type of packaging material for all your takeout orders, it is not the best way to ensure your products reach the customer in the best condition. As such, it is important to diversify your packing to have a solution for every item on your menu.

For instance, you could invest in foil/aluminium containers for takeout orders involving hot food items like soup and other dishes best served warm. And when you have foods of differing temperatures that must go in the same package, keeping the hot items separate from the cooler ones by placing the latter in small disposable containers can help preserve the temperature of both for much longer. All in all, choosing the right packaging material for each food category in your menu is key to delivering a wonderful dining experience to your growing takeout customer base.

2. Tamper Evidence

The surge in delivery demand has also made the issues with takeout orders more pronounced, particularly with delivery drivers tampering with food packages. As such, it is recommended to implement some form of tamper evidence in your takeout bags to make them "temptation-proof". Also, this provides certainty to customers that the last person who touched their food is one of your restaurant staff who handled it with care.

3. Presentation

Presentation, in this case, not only refers to how the food looks but also the packaging that it comes in. As you may already know, visual cues while eating play a big role in our overall enjoyment of the dining experience, so consider investing in packaging solutions like customisable small plastic containers that make it easier to show off your products while promoting your business profile. Couple this with unique designs that align with your branding, and you can create a consistent brand identity that conveys the value of your products at a glance.

4. Sustainability

Young people rely more on delivery than the older generation, which means restaurateurs who support what they believe in, such as sustainability, are more likely to earn their business. As such, consider gradually transitioning your current packaging solutions to biodegradable and compostable alternatives to better position your business as sustainable to win and delight new customers.


There is no doubt that off-premises dining is here to stay, and every restaurant concept is poised to drive significant revenue from takeout delivery. That said, this is impossible if your food comes in uninspired packaging or gets to your customers in shambles. As such, consider the following factors when developing custom packaging solutions that bring your restaurant's takeout experience from serviceable to exceptional.

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