4 Advantages Of Bento Boxes Over Regular Paper Lunch Boxes

4 Advantages Of Bento Boxes Over Regular Paper Lunch Boxes

Bento lunch boxes are highly popular in Japan owing to their culture of serving meals in a presentable and organised manner. There's more than just aesthetics behind this preference, however, as it has several surprising benefits, such as helping with mindful eating and improving the eating experience. Although one could argue that regular paper lunch boxes paired with small disposable containers like zipper pouches can serve the same purpose, they simply lack the compactness and organisation of a bento. Below, we take a closer look at the advantages of using bento boxes for your F&B food packaging strategy.

1. Streamlined Lunch With Easy Separation of Food Items

Fun fact: The origins of "bento" come from a Chinese slang term meaning "convenient," and bento boxes surely live up to their name. These boxes are especially useful for restaurants and diners with multi-item dishes on their menu as they make managing packaging inventory and the takeout preparation process simpler. All in all, this elegant arrangement provides a streamlined lunch that busy people can eat anywhere and even on the go! By using a bento box, customers will no longer have trouble juggling multiple containers since all their food items are in one container separated by leak-resistant dividers.

2. On-The-Go Food Presentation Made Simpler

Eating is a sensual experience. That is, our eyes already judge a meal before our mouths have yet to taste it. This makes visual appeal just as vital as the taste of the food. If food presentation is part of your business's appeal, you'd naturally want to retain that same degree for your to-go meals. Bento boxes make it easier to achieve this goal without sacrificing sustainability thanks to their various types and compartmentalisation options to choose from.

3. Bento Boxes Are an Eco-Friendly Option for Lunch

Packaging meals often involves the combined use of multiple types of disposable food packaging ranging from paper lunch boxes to aluminium foil wrappers, all bundled in a bigger bag. This method generates tons of unnecessary waste that exacerbates today's pollution problem. An all-in-one bento box significantly reduces the need to use several containers for each order, reducing the waste from each customer and the food packaging costs of an establishment.

4. Easier to Carry

Another underrated advantage of bento boxes is their portability. With the rising popularity of takeout via food delivery apps spurred by recent global events, F&B businesses handle an increasing number of to-go orders daily. Establishments with their own delivery crew can carry more orders thanks to the compactness and lower footprint of bento boxes, allowing them to fulfil more deliveries per trip. Similarly, customers that pick up their takeout won't be encumbered with a bunch of food packaging.


Bento boxes are not just aesthetically pleasing; they provide several practical benefits to businesses and their customers. These qualities combined promote a better dining experience for hungry customers on the go. 

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