3 Vital Food Packaging Tips To Stand Out From Competitors

3 Vital Food Packaging Tips To Stand Out From Competitors

It is crucial that small business owners put in the effort to grow their business; as after all, there are many benefits to owning a small business. For example, you are building a shared community identity by serving the people around you consistently. Your business would be something they have in common with others in the area - this creates a tight-knit community of individuals over time.

As a small business operating in your local area, one fool-proof way to grow is to set yourself apart from any competitors. This is something that most small business owners realise, but the issue is that they do not know how they can differentiate their business from competitors, especially with a small budget.

If this is you, keep reading on to learn three extremely handy tips to stand out from competitors through your food packaging.

Think out of the box

No matter how tasty or innovative your dishes are, people would not know until they purchase and try it for themselves. Therefore, it is critical that your packaging stands out and catches the attention of your potential customers. Playing it safe and choosing a packaging that looks just like any other product on the shelves in the store is a severe mistake in the growth of your small business. 

While brainstorming of packaging ideas, two criteria you should base your ideas out of are the practical use of the packaging as well as how well the design will catch the attention of customers. As innovative as the packaging can be, it has to be of practical use. For example, suppose your dish is brightly and beautifully decorated. In that case, you should take advantage of that and perhaps use clear or plastic containers as packaging to showcase the product to consumers.

Showcase your company beliefs

One way to keep customers buying from you long-term is by having beliefs and a vision that they agree with and are willing to back up. For example, if your company believes in serving customers through eco-friendly ways, then you should showcase the eco-friendly and sustainable efforts your business focuses on. By doing so, you are attracting customers who relate to your business, and it is this group of loyal customers that push your small business to new heights. 

Furthermore, if you would like to add a personal touch to your packaging to back up your company's beliefs - you should consider kraft takeaway boxes. Not only are they biodegradable, but they’re also easy to write a company message on or even design!

Add key product information on the packaging

Although there are people who purchase products based on the appearance of it, there are also some who make decisions based on more in-depth information about the product. For example, people with dietary restriction look at the ingredients before purchasing a particular dish. Another example would be health-conscious people who look at the number of calories or fats before buying a specific dish.

Hence, having such critical information about your product would help to increase your sales since you are minimising the number of people who do not buy it because they do not have enough information.


When talking about ways to grow your small business, most people shift their attention to marketing strategies. So tap into these three tips of utilising your packaging to stand out before your competitors do!