3 Traditional Occasions When Pineapple Tarts Are A Must-Have

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In Singapore, pineapple tarts are considered a traditional delicacy often served on special occasions. Pineapple tarts are small, bite-sized tarts topped or filled with pineapple jam. Many people find pineapple tarts addictive because they have a melt-in-the-mouth, buttery pastry crumb that pairs perfectly with the pineapple jam’s sweet and tangy flavour. As such, pineapple tarts are usually in-demand all year round. 

However, although you can certainly buy and eat pineapple tarts at any time of the year, there are certain occasions when this flavourful delicacy is most popular. If you are curious to know what these occasions are, you are on the right page! Here are three of the most common traditional occasions when pineapple tarts are not to be missed.

1. Chinese New Year 

Pineapple tarts are a famous snack enjoyed by a lot of people during festive seasons, such as Chinese New Year. Indeed, for many families, the celebration of Chinese New Year would not be complete without munching on some delicious pineapple tarts. However, aside from having an amazing, crumbly texture and addictive taste, many Singaporeans love eating pineapple tarts during Chinese New Year because of the fortune they are said to bring. 

In Cantonese and Hokkien, the term pineapple is ‘ong lai,’ which basically means ‘fortune come.’ It is for this reason that delicacies made from pineapples are popular during the lunar celebrations. Specifically, having them during Chinese New Year is considered lucky, and giving away pineapple tarts as gifts represents luck and good fortune. So, if you want to have a more prosperous and meaningful year ahead, having pineapple tarts during Chinese New Year is something you should definitely do!

2. Hari Raya

Besides being a staple delicacy during Chinese New Year, pineapple tarts are also a popular Hari Raya Puasa snack. The words ‘Hari Raya’ essentially translates to ‘day of celebration.’ Although often mistaken as such, Hari Raya Puasa is not the Muslim New Year. Instead, this event marks the conclusion of the fasting month of Ramadan. Hence, it is filled with festive celebrations and good food.

Among the most common snacks eaten during Hari Raya are pineapple tarts. They can be feasted with family and friends and are the perfect treats to have after a month of fasting. With their fresh, juicy, and tangy sweet flavour that can zest up all your senses, pineapple tarts undoubtedly complete the festive season of Hari Raya.

3. Deepavali

Deepavali, also known as the festival of lights, is an important festival for many Hindu and Indian communities in Southeast Asian countries like Singapore and Malaysia. It got its name from the row of clay lamps that people light outside of their houses to symbolise the inner light that protects against spiritual darkness. Just as the Christmas holiday is important for Christians, the Deepavali is also a significant celebration for the Hindus.

Deepavali is usually celebrated over five days. On the third day, which is the main day of the festival, families gather to pray, feast on mouth-watering food, and enjoy some firework festivities. Pineapple tarts are among the delicious foods that people love to eat together during Deepavali. These crumbly biscuits constitute Deepavali snacks in many households and are a much-loved tidbit during the celebration.


Pineapple tarts are flavourful treats that can make any celebration a lot better. From Chinese New Year to Hari Raya and Deepavali, no festive season can be complete without this addictive snack that truly melts in your mouth and gives you an amazing burst of flavour. That said, if you are craving some amazing pineapple tarts, you do not actually need to wait for Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, or Deepavali to have them. These flavourful treats are sold by commercial bakeries and souvenir stores all year round.

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