3 Tips To Maximise Your Food Sales Through Packaging

3 Tips To Maximise Your Food Sales Through Packaging

Whether it’s from a small business or an established company, a food product’s packaging is the first deciding factor to its success. If a packaging design cannot effectively communicate the product’s value to consumers or compel and invoke their desires, its sales performance will be mediocre at best and will be overshadowed by a better alternative.

As such, business owners should not only pay attention to their product’s taste and quality, but also its packaging’s appeal and effectiveness. There’s no straightforward formula to achieve the perfect packaging solution, and there’s a lot of factors that business owners need to get right.

Whether it’s for your business’s take away boxes or paper packaging, get to know 3 ways that you can optimise your packaging solutions for increased sales.

Keep it short, simple, and honest

When creating a design for your food product’s packaging solution, be it in the form of plastic or disposable lunch boxes - it’s always best to keep it simple, clear, and honest. Prioritise effectively conveying the packaging’s contents, your brand, and any supplementary information that a curious customer may want to know once they pick one off the shelf. If you come up with a fresh design or change up an existing one that makes it difficult for your customers to identify what’s inside, they’ll likely drop it and opt for alternatives. 

Similarly, it’s always a good idea to stay truthful about your product’s presentation on its packaging and not mislead your client base. Even a slight exaggeration could result in heavy losses and an increase in churn rate or loss of established customers.

Design with impulsiveness in mind

Besides being concise in your packaging, adding in elements that invoke a prospect’s whim and desire to try out your product is vital to increasing your food sales. Just like a book’s synopsis or a YouTube video thumbnail, garnering interest and compelling consumers that your food product should be wanted is the way to get ahead of your competitors.

Because this is easier said than done, you must do due research on how to reach the design and packaging layout that fits your product line. Conducting surveys on your target audience, delving into colour science for packaging, and experimenting with element composition for your layouts are only a few of the tasks that you need to do.

Emphasise your branding early on

Getting your customers to start associating a product you offer, to translate to your brand directly is pivotal to market success. For instance, Sharpies are now more commonly known as markers and instead of telling someone to “look it up online”, people now typically say “Google it”.

While it may sound like a Herculean feat, it’s not outright impossible. The first steps you need to take would be to continuously improve your product’s quality and emphasise your brand’s name or logo on your food packaging. Once you’ve got the basics down, all that remains is for you to strategise and come up with ways to slowly but surely outpace the competition.


Whether big or small, key alterations to your packaging solutions can make a significant difference in your sales. By taking note of the tips mentioned above and more, a boost in your product popularity and sales are sure to become noticeable over time.