3 Practical Ways You Can Strengthen Your Family Bond

3 Practical Ways You Can Strengthen Your Family Bond

A strong family bond is a quality that is crucial in every family. Having a strong and tight-knit bond is like a safe refuge where anyone in the family can seek solace from in times of distress. It significantly increases your child's self-confidence since they feel more valued by their parents. And at the same time, fosters a safe space and an environment where your child would feel comfortable approaching you whether it is for help with schoolwork or problems they are facing. 

With the various benefits that a strong family bond brings, it is something that most yearn for. However, it takes time to foster and strengthen such a bond, and that is not easy for most families with the fast-moving pace of life.

Hence, here are 3 ways you can improve your family bond despite the hustle and bustle of life.

Have a family game night

A family game night is one of the most ideal activities that foster a strong family bond. You could set aside one night every week where your whole family comes together and plays games.

The best part? There are tons of games to play when it comes to this activity!

You could go from a game night of a board game to even video games. Typically, games that allow more than one players to play involves some form of co-operation and working together.

Some games are also challenging to beat and playing such games with your family allows you to get to know each one of their strengths and weaknesses better. Hence, having such an entertaining activity once every week will not only improve communication within the family but also be something that your family looks forward to.

Go for an occasional picnic

The key to building a solid bond between your family members is quality time. And what better way to do it than with a picnic, right? 

Occasionally, you could bring your family out to a nice spot with a beautiful view and have a picnic there. There are several places in Singapore that would make a good picnic spot like the Botanic Gardens or Marina Barrage. During the picnic, you and your family could play card games, have conversations and bond over some food and drinks.

What makes this activity so excellent is that quality time is not just spent during the picnic but also before the picnic. Before a family picnic, your family could get together and whip up some meals together. The act of cooking together adds to the sentiment of a family day out. All that's left is to bring along biodegradable takeaway packaging for your food; not only will it make the clean-up process a lot easier but you’re essentially helping Mother Nature as well!

Likewise, the same applies to your beverages! You could bring along paper coffee cups for your drinks, and cleaning up wouldn’t be a hassle any longer.

Tackle chores together

This tip would take many by surprise, but it is effective in getting your family members to form a closer bond. Chores are typically seen as something that is troublesome and the responsibility of it is usually pushed from one person to another.

However, this burdensome activity can be turned into something that is looked forward to with everyone in the house pulling their weight. The sense of accomplishment in tackling these chores as a family is a driving factor that leads to a tight-knit family.


Setting some time aside to engage in these activities will definitely strengthen if not reinforce the tight bond with your family. Moreover, these activities can be done either once a week or biweekly, so you are able to plan for them without sacrificing too much time.