3 Practical Ways To Progressively Build A Company Culture

3 Practical Ways To Progressively Build A Company Culture

A good company culture is vital as it sets the foundation for business growth. When all employees of an organisation have the same set of shared beliefs, values, attitudes, standards, purposes, and behaviours, the company will, without a doubt, move forward.

However, with many knowing the importance of having good company culture, why do many organisations not have it? Well, this is primarily because a strong company culture is not built overnight. Also, company culture is not something tangible. That’s why it is not easy to accomplish without an actionable plan over time.

With these 3 tips below, not only will you start seeing your employees enjoy turning up for work, but you would also reap benefits in terms of economic growth for your company.

Involve flexibility in the working hours

One of the driving factors behind an organisation with good company culture is the happiness of the employees. There are various ways you can ensure your employees are happy and look forward to turning up to work every day. Different organisations have different strategies in keeping their employees content, but one way to do so is by giving them some flexibility in their working hours.

It has been proven that companies that give their employees flexibility in their working hours have a lower turnover, which saves the company both time and money in the long run.

When flexibility in the working hours is brought up, most managers and business owners associate it with drastic changes. However, that is far from the truth. You could add flexibility to your employee's schedule by allowing them to work from home on one day. Many companies see the value of this policy and call it "flex Fridays". 

Encourage better co-worker relationships

Apart from giving your employees flexibility, you should also ensure that they are happy working alongside their colleagues. You could do this by setting up shared places in the office for your employees to foster new bonds. One good example would be a shared eating area where you could provide lunch for your employees once a week. To make it easier for you, you could opt for biodegradable takeaway packaging so that it will be cost-effective and easier to dispose of.

During meals, colleagues would be more open to having conversations about their personal lives with one another as compared to business conversations during working hours.

In that case, why not bring in a coffee dispenser and prepare a stack of paper coffee cups? Having a conversation over coffee always makes for the perfect bonding session.

This way, they would be able to get to know their colleagues beyond work and perhaps find common interests. Such minor tweaks in your business could lead your employees to better enjoy working for your organisation.

Promote a recognition-rich culture

Incentives and recognition by the organisation are one of the best ways to improve productivity in the company. Apart from the fact that companies with recognition-rich cultures have lower turnover rates, it also works as a motivation that pushes your employees to hit their targets and contribute to your company valuably.

A recognition-rich culture is not purely instilled by the managers recognising the efforts of the employees. It could also be peer to peer recognition where each employee pushes one another to give their best at work every day. It ensures that the entire team is on the same page and is a natural way to encourage stronger relationships between workers.


Although it takes some time to build a company culture that your employees can get behind, these tips help you ensure that it is worth the wait. Start implementing them and watch your company's productivity increase!