3 Packaging Tips That All Small Food Businesses Must Know

3 Packaging Tips That All Small Food Businesses Must Know

Starting a small food business is an uphill challenge akin to any other business venture. It requires perseverance, commitment, and the satisfaction of several pivotal factors that decide the success of the business during the early stage. Of these numerous factors, your food's packaging is one of the prominent ones. Everyone knows that a first impression can also be the last impression that your customers will remember if you don't get things right. Thus, it's capital for small food business owners to guarantee that their products, as well as their packaging, leaves a positive and lasting impression.

Food packaging doesn't have to be limited to storing the business's products. It can also be used for other vital business practices, specifically marketing and branding. Making the most of available resources is a must in the early phase, espcially given that business capital is usually tight and certain luxuries, like extensive marketing, isn't feasible just yet. As such, it's important to think up of ways to get more out of what you have, like your packaging.

If you're curious as to how you can utilise your packaging to serve a double purpose, this article can certainly help you out. Read on for a brief guide on how you can effectively utilise food packaging for branding and marketing.

Upgrade the packaging of your best product

Most, if not all, small food shop owners typically offer a limited selection of products at the start. If you are one such person, it's imperative that you identify your first leading product as soon as you're able to. Since there are only a few products to look out for, this can easily be performed.

Once you've ascertained which product sells best amongst your growing clientele, it is then time to up its packaging quality in every respect. From its visual aspect to its form, you must ensure that the packaging is distinct, appealing, and, most of all, tantalising to any who may not know of your business yet. This effort is targeted to engage both new and old customers with your top product so that they can gradually build a relationship with your business.

Include mention of discounts and offers in your packaging

Offering special product package deals and discounts frequently is a great way to boost engagement and attract new crowds for your business. While doing so may seem like it'll be detrimental to the profits of the business, it's a necessary move that pays off in the long run by rapidly increasing your customer base early on.

Adding pamphlets and brochures about your promos alongside your food packaging is one way of incorporating this strategy. Whether they get take out food boxes from ordering online or visiting your store, not only will they satisfy their cravings for your food - but they'll also be informed about your discounts. They can then share the news with others or prompt them to buy again from you sooner than later.

Don't forget to add your contact details

Food packaging can also act as business cards aside from being branding and marketing tools. Because your customers may want to connect with you at any moment, it's important that your contact details are not far from their reach. For example, when they order take out in disposable paper lunch boxes from your shop, they should be able to find your contact details, like email address and phone number, on it. 

Customer contact services are one of the most vital parts of a business, and these services are not possible if your customers find it too difficult to connect with you over the phone or email. Printing contact details on food packaging items can solve this problem.


There's no doubt that an effective food packaging solution can be a great marketing and branding asset for business owners that deal in the food trade. If the above-mentioned principles are taken into account when devising a packaging solution, you'll have a great marketing asset that'll serve as your first stepping stone towards greater success.