3 Notable Social Media Marketing Ideas For Your F&B Business

3 Notable Social Media Marketing Ideas For Your F&B Business

Various industries and sectors have been exceedingly affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. Not only that, but it has also altered our habits and public practices, such as shopping and dining out. The F&B industry has been more notably affected due to safety precautions. 

But it is always in a time of difficulty where you see creative ideas emerge, and many creative online marketing strategies for Covid restrictions has been observed over the past 2 years. As a F&B business of the 21st century, social media remains one of the most effective marketing strategies to adopt and follow. This article will show you three innovative ways to grow your F&B business' success through social media marketing that all F&B business owners can grow with just a simple smart phone. 

Creative food photography

A picture speaks a thousand words, and all that much better if that picture is a delicious looking dish. Go the extra mile and learn some basic photography tips to zing up those photos, posting it regularly to show your customers what they can get when they walk in through your doors.

You don't necessarily need professional photography skills and equipment to be able to shoot attractive product photos but a good camera and a proper setup would be a game-changer. Play with lighting, different backgrounds, placements and editing until you're satisfied with the results. 

Digital displays and posters

Art and media are the perfect combinations to make your way to your consumer's heart. With digital displays and posters, you can alert your audience about new products, special offers, and upcoming events.

You can partner with an artist or freelancer if you are unfamiliar with digital design and art, getting connected with someone who would be willing to work with your brand. Regardless, there are plenty of templates and inspirations online for you to choose from should you choose to work on it personally due to any reasons that range from budget constraints to the lack of a proper skilled professional on your team. 

Social media engagement

Social media engagements can be one of the most valuable factors in terms of social media marketing success. This is when your audience interacts and responds to your F&B business.

You can hold contests, give away free products or coupons, and even partner with other online businesses. Utilise original and elegant packaging as active consumers will most likely post your products online if you have better packaging that range from disposable plastic food containers or paper packaging solutions.


Ideas are honestly a dime a dozen, but choosing the right one can often seem an intimidating task. Rather than waiting for the perfect opportunity, get down and dirty, experimenting with different ideas and see which one best suits your business and your available resources. 

Regardless, food packaging solutions remain a key concept in marketing campaigns seeing as to how customers more often than not interact with your takeout menu. Having original and creative packaging can create positive conversation and awareness of your brand. Check out our catalogue at Supply Smiths for more proper fitting and custom food packaging that your business can utilise in 2022 today.