3 Post Pandemic Takeout Ideas That Benefit Your F&B Business

3 Post Pandemic Takeout Ideas That Benefit Your F&B Business

F&B business owners really have to balance so many different hats. From tending to the front-of-house guests and staff to back-end chefs and stocking of ingredients, one must have adequate knowledge to make informed decisions regarding all aspects of their business. While some decisions are more involved in the financial side of things, others might involve the branding and impression various facets of the business would create.

One of these decisions would inevitably be about practical, disposable packaging. While it used to be something most people dismissed as a smaller side of their business, the pandemic landscape has resulted in takeouts being a significant portion of any F&B business’ revenue. Takeout has become the general modus operandi in which consumers would consume their food since the pandemic started. It has also made takeout the first point of impression most people would get when ordering their food for the first time. As such, most business owners have taken the extra step to look into better takeout packaging to create greater convenience and ease while eating their food.

If you are the proud owner of a business that revolves around food, here are some things that you can consider for your takeout processes.

Better online takeout interface

It’s not just about being online with GrabFood or other food delivery services. While those are the services that people utilise to get their food from your location, how these customers see the food comes directly from your business itself. Food photographs are directly contributed by the business, becoming the face of the business on the various food delivery platforms.

While GrabFood and other delivery services charge a nominal fee for the use of their services, having a website that features clearer photos, a detailed menu, as well as the various contact details and store locations, make it easier for first-time customers to learn about your business. Add on snippets and captions that share about your brand and the reason why you cook the food you do, and you’ve got a story for people to see.

Better takeout packaging

Gone were the days when cheaper was better when people talked about takeout packaging for their businesses. It is no longer a ‘small part’ of your business when it becomes the vehicle that carries your delicious food to your customers.

Whether it is custom-made plastic food containers or specialised bento boxes that cater specifically for your cuisine or more robust utensils that create a better meal experience, many businesses are looking into the details of their takeout processes that represent their brand. Various F&B outlets have also pursued a more eco-friendly route by utilising paper bags, paper boxes, and biodegradable utensils, gaining a favourable impression from their eco-wary clients.

Better social media presence

With all things going online, social media presence has become one of the many ways our customers keep in touch with the business. First-time customers, especially online-savvy millennials and younger generations, often check out online reviews and your social media and website before making a decision. Speaking their lingo and appealing to what stands out to them would prove to be beneficial.

While linked closely towards the first point about better online takeout interfaces, your social media and website can share future plans, new dishes, seasonal menus, promotions and the like. Creating multiple touchpoints and interest points would make a lasting impression that leads well towards a long-term relationship with your customers.


All in all, updating your business for a post-pandemic era doesn’t require a drastic overhaul. Start with your takeout interface or with your food packaging – things that directly impact your customer’s experience with your brand. Quality takeout packaging also doesn’t need to be expensive, and we at Supply Smiths are more than happy to help you with your business’ food packaging needs. Who knows, maybe that next custom food package could be a talking point to draw in new faces through your doors!