3 Food Items You Can Safely Store In A Standing Zipper Pouch

3 Food Items You Can Safely Store In A Standing Zipper Pouch

If you are part of the food and beverage (F&B) industry, then you are probably aware of the increasing popularity of zipper pouches. As its name implies, a zipper pouch is a food packaging and storage solution that comes with a zipper-locked mouth. This design allows the bag to be airtight just like a plastic container with lid so that it can preserve food products well inside. As such, its popularity in the F&B industry is not quite surprising. 

While zipper pouches come with many excellent qualities, resealability is their most critical feature. Because they come with a zipper that can be opened and closed, zipper pouches may be used and sealed again several times. This makes them a sustainable choice when it comes to packaging and storing food. To learn more, read on as this article enumerates three of the food items you can safely store in standing zipper pouches.

1. Dry and Baked Goods 

One of the most common uses of zipper pouches is to store dry food products, such as snacks, chips, cereals, dried fruits, and vegetables, among others. The airtight seal of a zipper pouch keeps these food items fresh and free from moisture, thereby preventing mould from forming. This also helps to preserve their crunchy and crisp texture. 

Aside from dry food items, standing zipper pouches are also a great packaging option for baked goods like cookies and pineapple tarts. Indeed, a ziplock pouch is often used as a pineapple tart container in Singapore because they are not only durable and secure, but also come with excellent marketing capabilities, providing a modern look that helps to attract many customers.

2. Coffee and Tea

Nowadays, coffee businesses and enthusiasts are already shifting their packaging from traditional jars and tins to standing zipper pouches. This is mainly because ziplock pouches help preserve the aroma and freshness of coffee beans for a longer period without any loss or deterioration in quality. 

Moreover, resealable zipper pouches make it much easier to close and open the bags, which is incredibly convenient for those who often have limited time to make their coffees. This also helps to ensure that the coffee beans will stay fresh and aromatic despite being used several times. Besides coffee beans, you can also pack coffee grounds, instant coffee, and tea in ziplock pouches.

3. Pet Food 

Human food is not the only thing you can store in a zipper pouch. If you have a pet at home, you can also use a standing ziplock pouch to pack their food. Pet owners know how important it is to keep the food of their pets fresh and safe. Standing zipper pouches are an ideal solution for this, as they provide an airtight seal that protects pet food against dust, moisture, and other possible contaminants.

The resealable feature of a zipper pouch makes it easy to seal after every use and prevents the food inside from going stale. Most of the time, pet food is made of a variety of ingredients, which can easily spoil and degrade the quality of the food if exposed to air and moisture. With a ziplock bag, you can ensure that the food of your beloved pet remains fresh and safe for a long time. This packaging solution is also highly recommended for pet owners due to its affordability and convenience. 


If you manufacture or sell food products that require secure packaging and storage, standing zipper pouches are an amazing option. Besides being durable, these ziplock bags are also sustainable and flexible since you can safely store a variety of food items in them. With all their incredible characteristics and benefits, zipper pouches have unsurprisingly become a top choice for customers who are looking for a food storage solution that gives them a bang for their buck.

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