3 Essential Steps For Properly Storing Homemade Sauces

3 Essential Steps For Properly Storing Homemade Sauces

Sauces are often used every day for the purpose of complementing or enhancing the flavour of dishes. In Singapore, there are many kinds of sauces that people make, use, and store on a daily basis, such as curry sauce, oyster sauce, dark soy sauce, garlic chilli, and more. However, in order to use these sauces for a long time and ensure their consistent taste, they need to be stored properly. 

Proper storage is key to preserving the freshness and taste of your homemade sauces. If not stored properly, the taste of your sauce may be altered or worse, the bacteria in it could multiply to dangerous levels. Hence, whenever you make a sauce at home, it is important to keep it in a proper storage solution, especially if you are not intending to consume it right away. Read on to learn the essential measures you should take to ensure that your homemade sauces are properly stored.

Step #1: Choose the Best Containers 

The first step to ensuring the proper storage of your homemade sauces is to find suitable containers for them. As much as possible, look for airtight containers that will keep moisture away from your sauce. When moisture builds up in your container, it can impact the quality and shelf life of your sauce. 

Some of the most ideal containers for sauces are PET round containers, glass or plastic jars, and sauce bottles. 

Step #2: Be Sure to Close the Lid Tightly

Failing or forgetting to close the lid of a sauce container is one of the most common reasons why a sauce may spoil quickly.

To maintain the freshness of homemade marinades used at home, it's essential to store them in either an airtight glass jar or a plastic container with a lid. Another effective method for prolonging the shelf life of your homemade sauce involves dividing it into smaller portions and sealing them in zip-lock bags. These bags can then be placed inside a PET round container and stored in the refrigerator. This approach proves highly convenient and reliably preserves the delectable flavours of your sauce, making it especially useful for those who frequently use sauces and spices.

Step #3: Refrigerate at the Right Temperature

Refrigeration is necessary for some sauces and marinades. If your sauce has been used a couple of times already, you have even more reason to refrigerate it. The most important thing to remember when refrigerating sauces and marinades is to maintain a constant temperature and avoid shaking them.

However, keep in mind that some sauces or condiments, such as soy sauce, vinegar, and mustard, do not need a low temperature to be preserved. Therefore, you can simply leave them in a cupboard. As a matter of fact, some sauces and spices tend to lose their intrinsic physical properties if refrigerated. So, it would be best if you do your research to refrigerate your sauces at the right temperature.


It is no secret that homemade sauces are a great way to improve the flavour of any dish. However, when making your own sauce, it is sometimes unavoidable to make more than what you can consume right away. When that happens, you need to make sure that the remaining sauce will be stored properly in order to prevent spoilage. To do this, choosing a suitable container, securing the lid and keeping the sauce at the right temperature are the essential steps you should take.

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