3 Efficient Ways To Reduce Office Waste Significantly

3 Efficient Ways To Reduce Office Waste Significantly

There are many reasons why more companies are slowly shifting towards becoming zero to minimal waste office space. The range of benefits that it offers is one of the driving factors behind the switch towards a more environmentally-friendly office with minimal waste. This is evident even in large corporations. Besides, one of the main reasons for companies reducing waste is also because of how cost-effective it is. Companies that promote minimal waste in their office are able to cut down their waste disposal costs significantly.  

However, a common misconception that most business owners have is that reducing waste in their office involves drastic changes. Fortunately, that is far from the truth. You are still able to reduce the amount of waste your company produces with minor tweaks.

So, keep reading on for three simple yet efficient ways to reduce office waste significantly.

Go paperless

One of the most prominent forms of waste in offices is paper. This can be avoided simply by switching your mode of communication within your team to go online. Any forms of bills, announcements or paperwork could also be done digitally. Not only are you encouraging environmentally-sustainable behaviour in your office, but it would also be more convenient for your employees. 

They do not have to worry about where they kept each document or sort through an entire stack of paperwork just to locate one particular set of information. By going digitally, they can access all documents, communicate as well as make announcements just at the comfort of their desk. Moreover, the office will look more visually appealing without stacks of papers and documents scattered everywhere.

Start a weekly team bonding lunch

In most offices, employees tend to buy their food and have it in the office. It saves them time, and they are able to get back to their work swiftly after having their meal. Hence, food packaging is one of the main contributors to why offices have high waste levels.

One way to combat this is by implementing a team bonding lunch once every week. During this team bonding lunch, your organisation could reach out to a plastic container supplier to provide each employee with one plastic container to keep the meal. And to keep things, even more, exciting - have everyone decorate the packaging creativity with their names on it!

Through this weekly lunch, you are introducing the concept of washing and reusing the plastic containers each week. Additionally, you could order the food and repackaged them into kraft takeaway boxes since they are eco-friendly and biodegradable. On top of minimising the waste levels in the office, you are also encouraging your employees to bond over their weekly lunch. 

Start a recycling program with incentives

Instead of enforcing the reduction of waste in the office - you could add a fun twist to it. For example, starting a recycling program in your office and giving monthly incentives for those on the recycling leader boards. Such a competitive yet fun approach to minimising waste is one way to motivate the entire office to play a part in recycling. 

If your organisation is large enough, you could even implement inter-department recycling competitions where the winning department would be rewarded for their attempt at recycling. The better the incentives are, the more motivated your employees would be in participating and working together towards reducing waste.


It really is as simple as 3 tweaks to your business to start reducing the waste levels. All that's left is to start implementing it!