Top 4 Paper Materials Used For Making Good Cake Boxes

Top 4 Paper Materials Used For Making Good Cake Boxes

A good cake box can make a big difference to the quality and appearance of your baked goods. Especially when it comes to cakes, good packaging is essential to make them more appealing and sellable. If you are in the business of selling cakes, then you probably already know that no matter how delicious your cakes taste, it is still necessary for them to look attractive and be packaged well. 

Aside from being neat-looking and eye-catching, the packaging of your cakes should also be durable enough to protect them from damage or contamination, especially during delivery. There are actually different kinds of disposable food packaging for cakes in the market, but the most common ones are made from paper materials. Read on to discover the four best paper materials used for making amazing cake boxes.

1. Kraft Paper 

Kraft paper is one of the most popular types of paper packaging out there. It is produced from the chemical pulp that is generated during the kraft process. Kraft paper is actually utilised for numerous industrial and commercial applications due to its exceptional strength, which is the result of decreased lignin content and increased sulphur. So, in terms of packaging cakes, kraft paper is definitely a trusted material. 

2. Duplex Paper Board 

Like kraft paper, duplex paper board is also known for its strength and durability. It is popularly used in creating mono cartons that function as the basic packaging for items that must be put in boxes. While not made specifically for food packaging, duplex paper boards can be laminated to match up with food grades, which will be great for cake customisation. Generally, they work incredibly well in terms of design prints.

3. Virgin Paper Board 

Virgin paper board is one of the most common and reliable choices when it comes to cake boxes. It is usually made from fibres taken from spruce, pine, birch, and eucalyptus trees. Although it comes in various grades, this type of paper is generally durable and of high quality. Virgin paper boards can also be very clean, hygienic, and safe. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that they are a trusted choice in packaging baked goods.

4. Recycled Paper 

Recycled paper is the easiest type of paper packaging to be found in the retail market and is also usually the most affordable. The process of recycling paper often involves mixing old or used paper materials with water and chemicals to break them down. They are then chopped up, heated, and broken down further into strands of cellulose. The resulting mixture is then called “pulp”. Although popular, recycled papers are not as quite solid as other paper materials.


There are different kinds of paper packaging you can use to make your baked goods look more attractive and appealing. Knowing how these paper materials are made and what benefits come with them is important, so you can choose the one that is really ideal for the kind of food products you sell. As mentioned earlier, the look and quality of your cake box can make a huge difference to the appeal and marketability of your cakes.

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