The Superior Plastic: What Are The Common Uses Of PET?

The Superior Plastic: What Are The Common Uses Of PET?

When it comes to plastic solutions, PET is among the most commonly discussed and used plastics. PET basically stands for polyethene terephthalate, a type of plastic that is considered safe and useful in various applications. The high demand for different PET plastics, whether that is a PET round container or water bottle, makes them the prime choice among several plastic solutions. 

This comes as no surprise considering that PET plastics come with many excellent characteristics like stability, versatility, and intrinsic viscosity. Now, there are both consumer- and industrial-related uses for PET plastics. If you are curious to know what they are, this article is especially for you! Here are some common uses of PET plastics that make them the superior plastic solution.

The Main Use of PET Plastic in the Food Industry 

Despite its substantial growth in numerous other industries, it is still in the food industry where the use of PET containers is necessary. PET is utilised every day in round containers, jars, trays, toppers, bottles, and cups since it helps to contain food items in cold storage and enables food and liquid to be tightly sealed. Furthermore, PET food containers have the ability to prevent contaminants and other external agents from spoiling the food and ruining its flavour.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, the best thing about using PET plastics for storing and packaging food is that they enable the consumers to see what is inside since they are transparent and have excellent resistance to breakage. On top of this, PET has a substantially lower production cost compared to other materials, which means that it also has lower energy and water consumption levels. 

Importance of PET in Other Industries

There is no doubt that PET is in demand in the food industry. However, aside from storing and packaging food, PET has now been used for various applications across industries.

Some of the industries that make the most use of PET are the healthcare and cosmetic sectors, where PET containers are necessary for marketing certain medicines, sensitive liquids, and other products that require particular conditions for their preservation. In other industries like textiles, the use of recycled PET seems to have become an important trend both from the fashion viewpoint and as a means of expressing brands’ commitment to care for the environment.

Another sector that has been relying heavily on the use of PET for many years is the automobile industry. The manufacture of vehicle parts using PET brings a number of advantages to automobile companies that use it, sometimes even replacing steel, which is considered the traditional choice of material in this sector. Among other benefits, the use of PET enables a substantial reduction in the weight of the parts, which allows for better aerodynamics of the vehicles. Additionally, the use of PET in the finishing of the interiors favours better acoustic insulation.


PET is a key plastic solution for the food industry because it allows food to be preserved safely without losing its properties. However, aside from food storage and packaging, there are many other uses of PET plastics that make them the superior choice. With their exceptional characteristics and versatile applications, it is no wonder that PET plastics have been dominating numerous industries to this day.

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