Storing Pineapple Tarts: How Long Does This Delicacy Last?

Storing Pineapple Tarts: How Long Does This Delicacy Last?

Classic pineapple tarts are sold abundantly in Singapore, especially during the festive seasons like Chinese New Year and Hari Raya. Pineapple tarts are flaky, bite-sized pastries that melt in the mouth and are filled with sweet pineapple jam. Because they are a traditional delicacy, you can often find pineapple tarts sold in small disposable containers in almost every neighbourhood.

Alternatively, you can also create your own pineapple tarts at home since this delicious pastry is very easy to make. You will only need a few simple ingredients, such as flour, butter, eggs, sugar, salt, and pineapple filling. It is important to note that you should store your pineapple tarts properly to ensure that they will last a long time.

To help you out, read on as we explain how long pineapple tarts usually last and what you can do to extend their shelf life. 

What Exactly Are Pineapple Tarts? 

Before diving into how long pineapple tarts last and how they should be stored, it would be helpful to first understand what exactly this flavourful pastry is. As mentioned earlier, pineapple tarts are bite-sized tarts filled or topped with pineapple jam that gives off a perfectly balanced sweet and tangy taste. This classic delicacy is commonly found throughout various parts of Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore.

The pastry of a pineapple tart usually consists of a big proportion of egg yolk and butter as well as a little corn starch, giving it a buttery melt-in-the-mouth texture. On the other hand, the pineapple jam is typically made by slowly reducing grated fresh pineapple, which is then caramelised with a combination of sugar and spices. Pineapple tarts are quite easy to make, and you can prepare them in just around an hour.

How Long Do Pineapple Tarts Last?

Pineapple tarts usually last for at least two weeks. However, their shelf life can be extended depending on how you store them. Generally, pineapple tarts are best consumed right away. After you are done baking your homemade pineapple tarts, it is best to allow them to sit for at least three days because doing so will enable the pastry to soften and will help the flavours to meld together better.

What is the Proper Way to Store Pineapple Tarts?

Proper storage is key to making pineapple tarts last longer. As much as possible, you should keep your pineapple tarts away from moisture to prevent mould from forming on them. You can do this by putting your pineapple tarts in airtight containers, such as in plastic containers with lids, jars, or containers specifically made for pastries. Keep the airtight containers away from the sunlight.


With their satisfying crumbly texture and delicious taste, it is no wonder why pineapple tarts are so popular in Singapore, especially during the festive seasons. If you are planning to serve this classic delicacy or give it as a gift on an upcoming special occasion, be sure to have it stored properly so that it will last longer than usual. With proper storage, you can guarantee that your homemade pineapple tarts will stay fresh and flavourful until the celebration. 

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