Plastic vs. Glass: The Pros Of Each Food Container Option

Plastic vs. Glass: The Pros Of Each Food Container Option

When it comes to food containers, plastic and glass are the materials usually preferred by consumers. While some people might think there is not much difference between the two, they are not entirely interchangeable. Each food container option provides distinct benefits, depending on your wants and needs.

If you are unsure which option is best for you, you have come to the right page. In this article, we explore the different advantages of using plastic food packaging as opposed to the benefits of using glass containers.

The advantages of plastic containers

Light and convenient

Compared to glass, plastic containers are much lighter, so they are easier to bring and carry wherever you go. This is definitely one of the best advantages of plastic food containers – they are a convenient option for transporting food, and they do not shatter into a million tiny pieces if you drop them. Plastic containers also usually come in sets of various sizes, thus making them more ideal for packed lunches.

Does not break easily

As mentioned, plastic containers do not break easily in comparison to fragile glass containers. For this reason, plastic is your best option if you are sending your child off to school with a packed lunch. Because children are usually carefree and frisky, a glass food container may not even last a week with them. Hence, for the safety and convenience of your child, plastic is your wisest choice.

Saves space

Although you can possibly layer glass containers, you cannot really collapse them like you can with plastic food containers. Hence, if you have a limited kitchen space, or if you are trying to fit in as many food containers as you can in your picnic basket, go for plastic containers. Plastic containers are compact food storage, perfect for traveling, camping, and picnics.

The advantages of glass containers


If you are planning to store food in the fridge or freezer, glass containers are the ones you should use. These containers are usually freezer-safe, which means that they are leakproof with tight seals and will not break easily. Their tight seals are often good at avoiding spills and preventing food from going bad quickly.

100% recyclable

With enough care, glass containers can last nearly indefinitely. If you decide to discard them, they can be absolutely recycled. The 100% recyclability of glass containers is what makes them appealing to the eco-conscious folks. Hence, if you are serious about your “reuse, reduce, recycle” advocacy, glass is the one for you.

Which food container option is better?

Plastic and glass containers have their respective advantages. Which food container option is best for you will totally depend on your preferences and needs. If you want to impress your guests with stylish-looking food containers or are trying to help save mother earth, glass containers may be better for you.

On the other hand, if you are looking for compact, convenient, and space-saving containers, plastic is undoubtedly the perfect material. Plastic food containers are especially ideal for packed lunches, outdoor gatherings, and even big parties.


Your best choice between plastic and glass food containers will, of course, depend on your specific preferences and needs. By knowing the pros of each option, you can already decide more easily which food container is more suitable and will deliver you the exact benefits you are looking for in a food storage material.

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