PET Packaging: What Is It And Why Businesses Should Use It

PET Packaging: What Is It And Why Businesses Should Use It

Packaging is an essential component and lifeline of any F&B business. No longer is it a casual afterthought, especially after the pandemic hit the globe, and takeout has increasingly constituted a large part of any F&B businesses’ revenue. Proper packaging of your business deserves a proper looking into due to its increasing prevalence, amounting to significant cost savings and a chance of marketing when done right.

Not only will proper packaging keep your desired food item safe, it is also one of the main ways a notable portion of your customers come to know your business. From custom-fit solutions to cheap and reliable packaging, it might not come as a surprise when you hear about an increasingly popular type of packaging called “PET”.

What is PET?

PET or polyethylene terephthalate is a type of polyester consisting of terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol that is formed into plastic containers and bottles to package foods, drinks, personal care products. The pellets of PET resin are usually melted into liquid through heat, and this melted substance can be moulded into almost any type of shape.

PET is becoming more and more popular for packaging beverages due to its ease of pliability and cheap cost, acting as a reliable solution to protect consumables from environmental pollutants. It also differs from the common HDPE plastic specifically in terms of opacity since PET is typically transparent. This makes PET the best choice for displaying brightly coloured drinks and for making it easy to put branding labels that do not clash with the colour of the container. 

What are the advantages of using PET packaging?

PET’s rise to common usage is not due to chance. It offers a wide range of benefits that most businesses and industries are keen to take advantage of. Here are some of them:

  • Recyclability

Recyclability is one of the main reasons behind the increasing approval for PET. PET containers and bottles are 100% recyclable, repurposed to make new products like cloth fabrics. In some cases, they can even be turned into new PET containers or bottles. In fact, PET is one of the major materials that is set to be increasingly recycled nationally in Singapore. 

  • Universal usage

Aside from being 100% recyclable, PET packaging is also very much favoured by many businesses because of its universality and flexibility. This means that you can easily source the cheapest or most reliable PET supplier, finding the best option that fits the requirements for your business. Suppliers are also more likely to be experienced when handling this material as compared to other more exotic and unusual materials.

  • Safe and secure

Most importantly, many in the F&B industry should consider using PET for their packaging because of its outstanding material qualities. PET containers and bottles are virtually unbreakable. They are strong enough to be filed, transported, and used without incurring any fracture or damage. They are also a reliable plastic food container for meals and other food products to prevent contamination and spoilage.


PET is becoming the most widely trusted type of plastic packaging for direct-to-consumer goods these days. This is not surprising anymore, considering that it has plenty of good qualities and benefits. There are indeed many reasons why numerous businesses and brands use it. The perfect combination of its recyclability, flexibility, and strength makes PET the best choice for packaging for many types of products. Still not sure about the type of materials best for your business? Reach out to us at Supply Smiths and we’ll be glad to share more with you!