Paper Or Plastic: Which Is Better To Package Baked Goods?

Paper Or Plastic: Which Is Better To Package Baked Goods?

When buying baked goods from a bakery or confectionery, you’ll notice the variation of packaging can come in various types. Is there any reason for it or is it purely up to the choice of the owner? If you’re thinking of starting a baked goods business, it can be perplexing to decide what kind of packaging supplies you need to stock up on.  

Paper and plastic each have assets and qualities that make them effective packaging materials for baked goods. However, it’s worth noting that it all caters to an extensive range of bakery products. For example, dry bakery products like biscuits, bread, cookies, and crackers differ in their requirements from cakes, muffins and other glazed products.

Choosing your packaging depends on what type of baked goods you offer. But there are also other factors to consider, such as the aesthetic appeal and presentation of the product and the degree of protection and preservation you want it to take on. So when exactly should you use paper packaging for baked goods, and when should you go for plastic packaging?

Paper and paper-based packaging

Paper bags, paperboard, and other paper-based products are ideally suited for a wide range of baked goods. They have high printability and decorative potential as well, and are excellent in aiding your branding efforts. Another point to consider is that paper-based products are perfect for businesses that are conscious of environmental impact.

Still, there are other qualities that make paper bags excellent packaging materials. For instance, they have great breathability, which allows room temperature air to circulate inside the package, making them perfect for preserving the crustiness and crispiness of bread. They don’t hold inside condensation or fogging like plastic containers do, and therefore don’t cause soggy crusts, which leads to an unpleasant eating experience. 

Bakery-grade paper packaging also has greaseproof qualities and hold-out properties against oil, cheese, sauce, butter, and other greasy foodstuffs. To that end, it is excellent in retaining baked goods’ original taste and flavour. 

Other paper-based packaging includes cardboard boxes for cakes, doughnuts, and brownies are perfect for keeping air out and preventing the cake from drying and staling. Cake boxes are also portable and stackable, which lend to user convenience. 

Paper bags are ideal for dry bread, bagels, meat buns, and other crusty, moderately greasy goods. Paperboard boxes are perfect for cakes, pizza, doughnuts, pies, pastries, tarts, and similar goods. 

Plastic packaging and containers

Plastic has excellent barrier properties and protects against moisture loss and gain, preserving the food’s freshness and crispness. Its airtight quality decreases the possibility of contamination and keeps food from becoming rancid or stale. It is also hygienic and safe for direct food contact. Clear plastic containers display contents upfront and make the products look more attractive.  

Plastic containers come in many forms, such as zip pouches, multi-compartment containers, and cylindrical tubes, and may range from lightweight disposables to heavy-duty rigid materials. They are stackable and are great for organization and storage. The airtight quality locks in aroma, prevent spills and extends shelf life. Rigid containers also maintain the integrity of the product, keeping soft cookies from crumbling and soft bread from disintegrating into crumbs. 

Small plastic container options give you flexible choices for storing cookies, cake slices, and other desserts. Plus, they are ideal for moist products like creampuffs, cakes, fudges, flans, creamy desserts, and crispy products like toast, cookies and biscuits. 


Bakery and snack food products have different packaging requirements. The proper selection and optimization of packaging are essential for business owners because they will directly impact cost-effectiveness, brand positioning, logistics, and consumer demand. 

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