Kraft 101: Is It A Good Material For Food Packaging?

Kraft 101: Is It A Good Material For Food Packaging?

With the ever-increasing awareness of environmental issues among the public, consumers are now gradually turning their loyalties to eco-businesses that offer environmentally friendly products and packaging. One of the most popular environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging materials today is kraft paper.

Kraft paper is now being used by so many businesses across industries to package their products. The F&B industry, particularly, has been greatly taken over by the kraft craze as seen by the large quantity of food packaging materials that are made from kraft paper – from lunch boxes and bowls to pizza boxes and standing pouches. Read on to gain a deeper understanding of why kraft has gotten so popular as a food packaging material nowadays.

What is kraft packaging?

Kraft packaging is basically a type of packaging that is made from kraft paper. Kraft paper products are produced using the so-called “kraft process,” which involves chemically converting wood into wood pulp, just like the other paper production methods. The pulp will then be divided into multiple sheets, and the dough will be rolled out and dried.

The next steps in the manufacturing process of kraft paper are the winding and the formation of large coils. Once complete, the kraft paper will be produced, and it usually comes in brown and neutral colour. Kraft paper is destined for a lot of uses, including disposable food packaging.

Major Benefits of Kraft Food Packaging

As mentioned earlier, kraft paper is largely used in the F&B industry as a high-quality and reliable food packaging material. This is not so surprising, given that kraft food packaging comes with many different benefits, including the following:

1. Great strength and resistance

The word “kraft” literally means strength. Kraft is used to describe this type of paper due to its natural strength and durability. Because of this, kraft paper is not only used to package food products but also to enable the design of bag liners in other areas like in the case of cement bags. Some huge catering bags made from kraft paper can even carry a maximum of 5 kilograms of food without the risk of tearing. This is essentially how strong and resistant kraft material is.

2. Availability for customisation

Design is one of the most important components of food packaging. And among the best ways to make sure that the design of your food packaging stands out from the rest is to have it customised. Fortunately, customisation is highly possible on the kraft paper packaging. Because kraft paper is an earthy-textured, uncoated, and naturally brown paper, it has a rough texture that provides better ink absorption and is quite aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, kraft food packaging usually has a lot of space to print on.

3. Low impact on the environment

Food packaging materials made from kraft paper are generally considered environmentally friendly because they are biodegradable and recyclable. At the end of their use, kraft bags, bowls, and other food packaging materials can be repurposed or used in the manufacture of new paper rolls. Moreover, kraft paper is also produced from a non-toxic, natural material. Hence, it does not pose any threat to nature once used.


Overall, the simple answer to the question of whether or not kraft paper is a good food packaging material is yes. With its strength, availability for customisation, and low impact on the environment, kraft paper is definitely one of the best food packaging materials that will that not just protect your products from accidents or fast deterioration but will also help attract more and more customers to your business, especially the eco-conscious ones.

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