Great Halloween Party Ideas That Children Will Surely Enjoy

Great Halloween Party Ideas That Children Will Surely Enjoy

Most of the Western world celebrates Halloween every October 31st and in the days leading up to it. Traditionally, it is believed that the doors to the underworld open on this day, and people light fires and don costumes to ward off spirits.

Today, Halloween has evolved mainly into a time of spooky fun, which includes activities such as trick-or-treating, dressing up in costumes, and being creeped out by all sorts of horror-filled stories, movies, and haunted houses. In Singapore, many people also join in the season just not to feel left out on the fun. For children, especially, Halloween can be an excellent excuse to gather and enjoy time with their friends.

If you are thinking of ways to add some excitement to your children’s Halloween party, here are some ideas to keep you going:


For a truly spooky vibe, a Halloween party cannot do without decorations. Turn on the creepy atmosphere in your home with décor items like fake cobwebs, witch hats, pumpkins, and so on. Do keep in mind that it is a children’s gathering, so the decorations should be kid-friendly. For example, opt for cute cartoon images of ghosts rather than gory-looking zombies. For an added touch, you can place small bowls of dry ice with water around the room – these will create a foggy effect to instantly step up the spook factor.

Carve your own pumpkins

A hallmark of Halloween is the jack-o’-lanterns, which are carved pumpkins with lights placed inside. While artificial jack-o’-lanterns are commonly available in shops nowadays, it is always more fun to try making one yourself. As an activity for older kids, you can buy a few pumpkins and let them carve out the faces on the pumpkin. As sharp objects are required to carve the pumpkins, do make sure to supervise the kids during the activity. For younger kids, you may want to let them decorate the pumpkins using markers instead. The carved pumpkins can add on to your decorations for the night. Just place some tea candles (real or electric ones) to make them flicker and glow!

Dress up

One of the most exciting parts of Halloween is dressing up in costumes. Many people choose spooky themes like witches or ghosts, but you can also select popular characters like superheroes or game avatars. It might help to give a theme for dressing up at your party, so that people have an idea of what to come as. To spice up the fun, you should let the kids participate in making the costumes from scratch.

Trick or treat

The highlight of the night for children has to be going trick-or-treating. The activity entails going to the doors of their neighbours and saying ‘trick or treat’. Their neighbours will then return the greeting with some sweet treats, typically some assortment of candy or chocolates. Although not all homes in Singapore will be ready for trick-or-treating, you can make this work by notifying your neighbours beforehand of your Halloween event. If you know of other kids going around the neighbourhood on that day, do remember to stock up your own candy stash.

Food and drinks

A Halloween party is still a party, and a party cannot do without food and drinks. You can inject some Halloween-inspired food into the menu, such as cookies shaped like ghosts and spiders. Prepare beforehand by obtaining your food packaging supplies from a company that sells plastic containers in Singapore. At the right place, you might even score some paper lunch boxes wholesale at very affordable prices. Use these to store the food until they are ready to be served. You could also pack some cookies for giving away at trick-or-treating time.

Halloween is a great time to hang out and have some spooky fun with your family and friends. Make the evening a memorable one for your kids to enjoy with these Halloween party ideas!