9 Essentials You Need To Gather Before A BBQ Party

9 Essentials You Need To Gather Before A BBQ Party

Who doesn’t like a good barbeque party? But, before you even get to the good part - you have to make sure that you have got everything prepared.

Regardless of what you are planning to put the party together for - be it a birthday or family gathering - there will always be the same few essentials that you need.

Below, we have picked out a couple of necessities that you must absolutely have whenever you’re set on having a barbeque.

1. Lighting and décor

To start off, most BBQ parties are held in the evenings, when the sun goes down.

Therefore, to set the mood and the summer spirit for all, festive lightings are important. Look for a light that offers an ambient environment, something which lays a solid foundation for a wonderful evening that will follow.

2. Mosquito repellent

Summer evenings are followed by mosquitoes.

Better bring along your favourite mosquito repellent - they’re going to help in keeping the mosquitoes in check. Especially, if you want a relaxing time barbequing all the delicious food atop the grill, you will want to spare yourself from all the irritating itch.

3. Drink dispensers

With the guests all over your backyard, serving them drinks can be a task.

Buy drink dispensers and let the guests serve themselves. The only work you will have to do here is - refill the dispenser. And while at it, make sure to keep a water dispenser as well.

4. Fresh fruits

Aside from all the tasty and piping hot food grilled to perfection, fresh fruits are always a must in this scorching heat.

Pick out different types of fruits so your guests can choose from a variety. Cut up slices of them, or put them in a simple salad! Otherwise, you could even blend a couple together and offer a blended fruit juice.

5. Corn on the cob

Barbeque parties are incomplete without corn on the cobs.

Make sure to serve them as appetizers before the main meal. And don’t leave out the butter - it makes everything more delicious!

6. Guacamole and chips

These will make an amazing barbeque starter.

The actual barbeque will take time, and you need to ensure that all the guests are not roaming around with growling stomachs. So, shop for some guacamole or any other dipping that goes well with chips.

It will keep the guests’ tummies occupied before the real feast begins.

7. Burger bar

If a stereotypical barbeque setting just doesn’t cut it for you, try setting up a burger bar to spice things up a little.

It’s especially a perfect idea for guests who love customizing their meals. Offer them options like buns, cheese, mayo, lettuce, ketchup, chilli sauce, bacon and any other add-on that goes well with the burger. Get creative with your own DIY burger bar, and make sure to label the counter so that people can catch a glimpse even from a distance.

8. Plates and utensils

Not everyone is a big fan of washing the dishes once the party is over. Especially with all the mess that is going to happen - cleaning up is going to be dreadful.

Make sure you purchase enough small disposable containers to keep both the raw and cooked away from each other. While you’re at it, engage a packaging supplier who sells takeaway food boxes in Singapore - they’re going to come in handy for leftovers that have nowhere else to go. So, pack them up for your guests and let them take home the party/

9. Grills and Tools

We know food is a work of art but just like a painting which can’t do without its art supplies - a barbeque party is not possible without the necessary tools.

Throw in all your essential tools like a grill, marinade, brush and tongs. Charcoal and pucks come next. To make thing easier for you, work on the menu beforehand. From planning what to serve in the starters, appetizers, drinks, to main courses and desserts - everything should be settled from the very beginning before you go out for shopping.

Nothing can beat the joy of eating deliciously grilled food and great company. Put these two together and you are going to have a swell time.