5 Ways To Treat Your Employees Without Breaking The Bank

5 Ways To Treat Your Employees Without Breaking The Bank

As an entrepreneur, your employees matter just as much as your clients, making them extremely important in your company. They can either send your company flying or bring you down. Hence, you should always treat them with care. Simple things such as giving them a treat can go a long way in showing your appreciation to them.

If you aren’t sure, here are 5 ways you can treat your employees without breaking the bank.

Letting them work from home

Many employees would love the opportunity of working in the comfort of their homes. The hustle and bustle that most of them have to journey every morning and evening going to and from the office can be hectic. It makes sense why most employers feel that they would lose out if they went with that route, but they may end up getting great results in the end. The flexibility that your employees have will enable them to work even harder, ensuring that the treat of working from home continues. 

Organising a picnic

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, and it is the same for your workers. If they work from Monday to Friday without any time to relax, it will affect not only their health but their work as well. Should you feel that they have been doing an excellent job, then setting up a picnic out of the office for one afternoon may not be too much to ask. You can even let them invite their families and have a ball together. Organised games in between chatting sessions can liven up the mood too.

Not planning for catered dining or a barbecue? You can have lunch served right at the picnic spot. You can have it delivered in take out lunch boxes or even plastic containers to make it easier to carry. They will appreciate the effort while they continue to be silly together.

Have an appreciation system

Having an appreciation system ensures that employees are chosen fairly based on their performances. The system can also have a budget allocated for the given treat. Whether it is providing shopping vouchers or spa treatments, you can not only make your employees happy, but you won't break the bank doing so too.

Saying thank you in public

Saying “thank you” costs nothing, but it can go a long way to your employees. This is done to show appreciation to your employees who have done well. If you’d like, simple gestures such as a note or a photo on a wall should suffice. Employees are sure to appreciate such gestures and boost their morale in doing better. Should you choose to go all out, you can get small trophies with the name of the employee inscribed and hand it out during a company dinner in front of your other employees.

Buying them lunch

A simple lunch on its own can be an excellent treat for all of your employees. You can surprise them with lunch at the office and let your workers mingle and chat with each other as they enjoy the food. All in all, you should look to ensure the working environment is conducive to everyone. Not only will they enjoy it, but they will also look to give their whole when working.