5 Signs Your Plastic Food Containers Already Need Replacing

5 Signs Your Plastic Food Containers Already Need Replacing

Plastic food containers are an excellent solution for keeping your leftovers fresh inside the fridge or bringing your lunch to school or work. In Singapore, plastic containers are a popular choice when it comes to storing food because they are lighter and sturdier than glass containers. While plastic containers are more reusable than other storage options like zip-top bags, they are not indestructible and do have a limited lifespan.

As with any plastic products, plastic food containers come with a shelf life and are prone to wear and tear. Whether you have used them extensively or they have simply reached the end of their natural lifespan, it is important to know when it’s time for a replacement. To help you out, here are some major signs that indicate it is time to replace your plastic food containers.

1. The lid is lost or broken

If you have a plastic container with a lid, then you are probably aware that the lid is necessary for the efficacy of your storage container. As such, if the lid has been lost or is no longer properly sealing your container, then it may be time for a replacement.

2. It smells or has stains

If you have tried your best to get rid of a bad odour or stain from your plastic food container, and it does not go away still, it is perhaps time to say goodbye to them. While you might feel like you still want to keep it just in case it will be of use in the future, the reality is that you will never like the idea of storing your food in a plastic container with a smell!

3. It has a weird texture

As mentioned earlier, plastic containers are susceptible to wear and tear. Maybe your container already got a scratched-up bottom from sawing at your food during meals, or a corner of it has melted because you once brought it too close to the stove. In that case, it is best to stop using the damaged plastic container. Any disruption on the container’s surface indicates that the material is compromised, thereby raising the possibility that it will leak plastics into your food if you use it for reheating or storage.

4. It is too old

Over the last decade, people have begun to understand the possible dangers of certain types of plastics, such as phthalates and bisphenol A (BPA), which have the potential to leach into food from storage containers. Fortunately, nowadays, most plastic container suppliers have already removed these harmful plastic types from their products. That said, if you are still storing your food in a plastic container that your mum used in the 1980s, it may not be safe.

5. You just do not like it

Sometimes, people make mistakes when it comes to purchasing food storage containers. Perhaps, the plastic containers you have bought are either too small to hold anything or too big for the kinds of food you usually put in a container. It could also be that you have purchased round and coloured containers, but you prefer square and clear ones better. Regardless of your preferences, if your current plastic containers are simply not your cup of tea, then you should just replace them and buy the ones that you like.


The quality and effectiveness of plastic food containers deteriorate over time. For this reason, it is necessary to replace your food storage containers every now and then in order to avoid the possible risks that come with using old and damaged containers. According to food safety experts, you need to replace your plastic food containers every six months to a year, depending on usage and wear and tear. Otherwise, you would be exposing yourself and your loved ones to some food safety risks.

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