4 Ways Disposable Containers Can Boost Your Business

4 Ways Disposable Containers Can Boost Your Business

For businesses such as restaurants and small eateries, plastic food packaging is a must-have. Did you know that disposable food containers and packaging can actually help boost sales? In this article, we explore 4 ways disposable food packaging can make your business processes much more efficient and take it to the next level.

1. Sanitation

One of the greatest advantages of disposable food packaging that many business owners and customers may not be aware of is that they are much more sanitary as compared to reusable ones. While reusable plates and cups can be washed with water, there is no 100 per cent guarantee that there are no traces of bacteria left. Disposable food containers such as lunch boxes, cups and other storage solutions keep food safe from cross-contamination that might happen when transferring food from your restaurant’s kitchen to delivery. Furthermore, these cannot be reused and mostly end up in the trash after, reducing the chances of food-borne diseases and contamination. With better sanitation, you would not have to worry about your business being held responsible when customers fall ill.

2. Convenience

Besides sanitation, convenience is another significant factor as to why many businesses opt for disposable food packaging. Not only does this allow for takeaway orders, which allows access to another pool of customers who are looking for convenient to-go options, but it also makes things easier for customers dining in. Customers have the choice of taking their food with them if they are in a hurry or have something crop up urgently. This added convenience will encourage customers to purchase from your business as opposed to other eateries!

3. Allows for meals to be enjoyed via delivery

As mentioned above, disposable food packages are perfect for businesses that offer delivery or takeout food. Aside from the fact that food containers can be set aside when no longer needed, many disposable food containers are designed to keep food hot and secure while in transit. This means that the food will be fresh, hot, and ready to eat even after a long trip. As the saying goes, a happy customer comes from a happy tummy. When customers are satisfied with their meals, they are more likely to return in the future.

4. Energy and water conservation

Washing reusable dishes can utilise a lot of water and energy. An industrial-sized dishwasher used by a restaurant may use up to seven to eight gallons of water per minute. In the long run, this could incur significant electricity and water costs that could impact the company’s finances. Moreover, staff would have to be hired to do the dishes, which is another additional cost. On the other hand, disposable food packages do not require washing and are thrown away after a single-use. This could save your business a ton of energy, water and in turn, money.


If you manage a food service business, having disposable food containers is the perfect choice! No matter the size of your business, disposable packaging can make a significant difference in your sales. If you have no idea where to begin, consider checking out the common packaging used for F&B industries.

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