4 Reasons Why Your Product Needs Proper Packaging

4 Reasons Why Your Product Needs Proper Packaging

No matter what product you are focusing on, one of the most important investments is the design of the packaging.

The packaging design of your product is the main factor that draws the attention of potential customers.

A high-quality product is nothing if the packaging cannot make it look desirable. It is the first thing potential consumers will notice, leading them to either buy the product or walk away.

Check out these four reasons why your product needs proper packaging:

Provides physical protection

The primary purpose of packaging is to provide physical protection for your product, especially food products. This includes:

- Protection against breakage (from being crushed or dropped during transport)

- Protection from the environment (temperature, light, humidity)

- Protection from bugs or micro-organisms

- Protection from premature spoilage

When packing your products, it's also essential to consider the size of the product and the size of the packaging! From plastic containers to takeaway boxes – depending on what your brand is marketing – you’ll have to factor in size and physical protection.

Adds a personal touch

Personality and individuality are a big deal in today's society. It is one of the most effective ways of marketing, as people will be inclined to like something that has traits they personally identify with.

Packages with distinct personalities act as social bait, encouraging customers to boast about the product, whether online or in person. You can do this by ensuring that your packaging shares information about your products in such a way that reflects your company's style and values.

For example, eco-friendliness has become one of the most common ethical stances for consumers nowadays. Many companies try to appeal to that by making their packaging out of biodegradable materials that consumers won't feel guilty about throwing away. If you are looking for sustainable packaging supplies such as disposable lunch boxes in Singapore, Supply Smith's wide range of packaging solutions can help your business in that!

Improves usability

Nowadays, most consumers prefer user-friendliness in their packaging. A packaging that is simple to open and easy to fold will satisfy their requirements. Consumers will also like packaging that can be used numerous times, both for practical and environmentally conscious reasons.

Makes the product stand out

Packaging with personality can do more than just to make your products relatable to consumers. It can also help you stand out from the crowd and differentiate your brand and products from your competitors.

The goal is to create a unique style that your consumers can recognise and gravitate towards, even amidst a crowded store or grocery! Therefore, you must ensure that your brand values are engaged through everything you do - from the product to the packaging.


Packaging - whether it's for containing food, electronics, or clothing - is one of the most important aspects of making a good first impression. If you don't make a good impression, you won't make any sales! Thus, to be successful, a business has to connect with the consumer through the first thing they see: the packaging.