4 Major Food Packaging Mistakes That Start-ups Should Avoid

4 Major Food Packaging Mistakes That Start-ups Should Avoid

Food packaging is an essential consideration that's critical for the market success of a food business startup, and requires a lot of attention to detail.

As a business owner, you must observe specific standards in order to make sure that your food packaging isn't sabotaging the quality of your products and the reputation of your business.

To help you guarantee the appropriateness and quality of your food packaging, here are some significant food packaging mistakes that you should avoid, especially during the initial years of your business operations:

1. Using The Wrong Material

This is the most common mistake that food business startups make when choosing their food packaging, using the wrong material for packaging their food products. Often, this mistake results in quick spoilage, contamination, and wastage.

By using inappropriate material for your food packaging, you're putting your food products at risk of being spoiled right away. Aside from that, wrong packaging material can also affect the appearance of your products. It can turn an appetising meal into a deformed mess.

To avoid compromising the quality of your food, make sure that your takeaway boxes are made of safe and sturdy materials, suitable for the kind of food products you offer.

2. Lack of Branding

By incorporating unique branding into their take out food boxes, Food packaging provides businesses with a chance to boost their brand reputation. Conversely, when a business's packaging is too generic, they lose the opportunity to make their brand recognised and known.

As a business owner, your goal is to make your brand easily recognisable and remembered among your customers. If your food packaging doesn't have anything special to offer, your customers will probably forget the name of your business in a couple of days.

Therefore, you need to do more than ensure that your food products are tasty to expand your customer base and earn loyal customers. It would also be best if you also made your food packaging as appealing as possible. To do this, you can start by coming up with a unique logo or design that you can print onto your product packages. 

3. Not Putting Enough Business Information

Since you're still new to the industry, providing basic information on your food packaging is a must. Many food business startups fail to satisfy this basic requirement because they don't think customers pay much attention to food packaging.

However, most customers do often take the time to look at a business' product packaging before munching on their ordered snacks. Hence, maximise the opportunity to earn more customers by letting people know where to find you through your disposable lunch boxes and containers.

Some of the most important pieces of information that you should consider putting on your food packaging are your business address, website URL, social media usernames, and contact numbers.

4. Not having a customer-friendly packaging design

Wrap rage” usually happens when your consumer finds it quite challenging to open your food packaging. If your packaging is too secure, your customer might question if you really want your products to be consumed or not.

Food packaging that's just too hard to open will not just frustrate and repel customers, but it can also cause a few accidents and injuries, such as damaged nails or broken teeth.

Therefore, it's always important that you strike a balance between security and convenience when choosing your food packaging design. Your packaging shouldn't be unstable so as not to affect the quality of your food, but it shouldn't also be too firm that your customers would need to get some tools to open it.


Coming up with a practical and appealing packaging for your food product is one of the most essential things that you should first focus on as a food business startup. Your product packaging is another critical factor that can keep your customers coming back, aside from the quality and taste of your food.

By knowing the common mistakes to avoid when choosing your food containers, you can have appealing food packaging that will surely make your business a true magnet for food enthusiasts!