4 Fool-proof Tips To Make Your Baked Goods More Sellable

4 Fool-proof Tips To Make Your Baked Goods More Sellable

If you are a baker, you are likely aware of how important it is to maintain a solid base of customers. Customers are the lifeblood of any business. They are the reason why a business stays afloat and can eventually succeed. Therefore, you should see to it that your bakeshop continues to attract more and more customers all the time. Of course, the best way to attract customers is to make your products sellable and remarkable.

Producing high-quality and exceptional products is the key to earning patronage. However, if you are just starting out, you probably have little idea of how to improve the marketability of your baked goods, especially since the industry competition is quite stiff. To help you, here are 4 of the simplest yet most effective tips to make your baked goods more sellable.

1. Invest in excellent packaging 

Packaging is a vital component of every business, especially those in the F&B industry. If you want your baked goods to sell, it is not enough to make them taste good; you also need to make sure that they look nice and appetising. And there is no better way to improve the look of your baked products than by investing in excellent packaging. 

If you are selling cakes and cupcakes, a good cake box will certainly boost their marketability. Depending on its size, a cake box in Singapore can cost as low as $8! Yet, despite being affordable, you can guarantee that these kinds of packaging are strong, of high-quality, and are aesthetically-pleasing. You can even easily customise them with the logo of your brand for additional marketing. 

2. Be active on social media

These days, you can no longer do effective business without being on social media. This is especially true for bakeshops. To expand your clientele, you need to put your business out there – on the internet! Bakeshops can do quite well on social media, especially on image-based social networking sites, such as Instagram and Pinterest. 

People love looking at amazing food content online, and professional baked goods like cakes, cupcakes, bread, and muffins always look wonderful. So, using social media to post images of your latest creations is a fool-proof way to catch the attention of many online users and attract more customers. You can also utilise social media to advertise special promotions, changes to your menu, and your other services.

3. Hand out free samples

Everyone loves free stuff. As such, handing out free samples of your products is a sure-fire way to get customers interested in your baked goods. Moreover, this is also an excellent way to eliminate those products that may not otherwise sell. For instance, you can take out a part of your cake, cut it into smaller pieces, and give them out on the street for the passers-by to try. This is a simple but effective way to expand your customer base.

4. Display, display, display

Because pastries and cakes are so photogenic, a crucial part of your advertising strategy should be your display case. Be sure to have a number of big display cases in front of your bakeshop, filled with the most aesthetically appealing and attractive baked goods that you sell! Baked goods are quite popular as display items, and this comes as no surprise since their mouth-watering designs are indeed meant to be displayed.


Over the years, a lot of bakeshops have already come and gone. As with any type of business, running a bakeshop is not a piece of cake. You have to be smart and exert plenty of effort into making sure that your business strategy works, and your products sell well. Hopefully, the tips shared in this article have given you some great ideas on how you can make your baked goods more sellable and ultimately expand your customer base soon.

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