4 Food Packaging Ideas To Give Your Bakery A Sales Boost

: 4 Food Packaging Ideas To Give Your Bakery A Sales Boost

No one can turn down a sweet treat, and each day brings a reason to celebrate with a delectable cake or something smaller to celebrate those small wins in life. With the unwavering demand for freshly baked goods today, increased competition is expected, which means bakery businesses need to stand out from the crowd and offer something unique to their customers. One way to achieve this goal is by improving their food packaging.

Back then, a simple plastic container with lid sufficed as the main food packaging solution for many bakery shops. However, that no longer cuts it today, where branding is key to attracting customers through innovative packaging and food presentation. After all, when the external packaging looks impressive, potential customers will likely assume the contents within will delight their taste buds. Hence, businesses can no longer afford to neglect their bakery food packaging, so here are some ideas to help you leverage your packaging to drive sales.

1. Use custom-printed packaging

If you want to attract and retain customers, you must offer them something special. If it is not feasible for you to give away freebies like a small cookie or cupcake to go with their purchase, there are other ways to achieve this goal. For instance, you could take a page from Starbucks by writing a lovely quote for each customer to make them feel good about their experience. 

Alternatively, you could recommend tasty combinations for your products and other useful baking tips to keep your customers coming back and let them know you care about them. For the health-conscious among your following, adding the list of ingredients for your baked goods lets them know what they are getting before paying at the counter. Many customers now consider food packaging when deciding where to give their business, hence the importance of making your food packaging attractive, useful, or both.

2. Make your boxes see-through

It is no secret that customers love showing off their purchases. Thus, packaging aromatic pastries, mouth-watering cakes, and delicious cookies in see-through boxes often goes a long way in bringing new faces to your shop. Those looking to gift your delicacies to their loved ones would especially appreciate this type of packaging. Moreover, making your baked goods a treat to the eye and not just the taste buds will surely compel your customers to return for more. 

3. Switch to practical take out food boxes

Introducing practical take out containers for your baked goods will earn you brownie points among your customers who like to enjoy your treats on the go. For example, you could use configurable coffee cups with a detachable compartment on the side for those wanting a bagel or doughnut to pair with their cup of Joe. Or you can try out unique pie boxes with a sliding tray that makes eating while out and about a breeze. In short, introducing practical solutions to your food packaging helps elevate your customers' experience, leaving a positive impression that makes them remember your shop. 

4. Add a premium finish with lively artwork

Packaging that gives off a more premium vibe will surely get the attention of those who want nothing but the best. By working with experienced packaging designers, you can have custom and vibrant packaging that attracts customers who prioritize quality in their every purchase. Once you have the means to go this route, consider getting different box designs for your various products instead of one-size-fits-all packaging. This way, your customers will feel they have bought from a business that values their interests.


The bakery business is booming more than ever, with more and more people looking to sate their sweet tooth with all kinds of delicious baked goods. To establish their distinct brand identity and boost sales, bakeries not only have to impress and offer something unique with their baked goods but also innovate in their food packaging. Hopefully, the ideas above help you start on the right foot when coming up with your own unique designs.\ 

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