4 Best Prints You Can Add To Spice Up Your Food Containers

4 Best Prints You Can Add To Spice Up Your Food Containers

Custom takeaway packaging and small disposable containers are convenient solutions for both customers and employees. But have you ever wondered how they could help advertise your F&B business and establish your brand? Basically, when customers bring their takeaway containers home or see a plastic container for food from your brand, they are more likely to be convinced to revisit.

The family members, friends, and colleagues of your customers may also even see your food containers and become interested in trying out your restaurant. To put it simply, your food packaging has so much marketing potential, and as such, you cannot afford to make your go-to containers plain and boring. To help you spice up your takeaway food containers for marketing purposes, here are some of the best prints you can add to them.

1. Colours

As a consumer, what catches your attention first -- a plain white container or one that comes with a variety of bright colours? 

Essentially, colours can make a huge difference in how your food packaging gets noticed. Most of the time, customers are more likely to remember the name of your business if you give out colourful containers instead of the same boring ones. So, if you can find a way to incorporate colours into your takeaway containers, you are more likely to catch the attention of customers.

2. Logo 

The most effective way to advertise your restaurant or F&B business is with your logo. You can incorporate your logo into an array of merchandise, and the same thing is true for your food storage containers. 

Sometimes, people who see someone eating food from a takeaway container may feel hesitant to ask where the food comes from. As such, it is helpful if your logo is already printed on your food containers so that potential customers will immediately know where to go if they want to try your food.

3. Notes or Messages

Nothing can make a customer remember a restaurant or business more than being appreciated and treated nicely. Making your customers feel significant or special is an incredible way to earn repeat customers. Hence, when you pack up the food of your customers, consider writing a funny or heart-warming message on the takeaway containers. Not only will it make your business more memorable for the customer, but it will also convince them to talk about your brand with their family and friends.

4. Stickers

When you were a child, you probably used stickers to level up your folders, papers, and walls. Now, why not use them again to make your food containers more interesting and attractive?

You can come up with custom stickers that bear the name or logo of your business, or you can just utilise any random stickers to make your food packaging more fun. This idea is particularly good if your business has plenty of young customers or parents who wish to make their children excited about trying various foods.


Food packaging is an essential component to the success of a restaurant or any other kind of F&B business. As such, it is important to make sure your food containers are eye-catching and interesting for the customers. By making certain simple changes to your takeaway containers, you can already make your brand much more attractive to potential customers and memorable for the existing ones. Essentially, custom food containers are among the best free advertisement tools you can use for your business.

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