3 Unique Ways To Create A Pet-Friendly Kitchen At Home

3 Unique Ways To Create A Pet-Friendly Kitchen At Home

With the number of pets in Singapore, increasing by an impressive 19% in the last 5 years, it is evident that more people own pets nowadays. In fact, according to Euromonitor statistics, the number of pet cats and dogs in Singapore reached 196,600 and has been growing steadily since.

Therefore, it is not a stretch to assume that a significant percentage of Singaporeans share their home with their furry buddies. Hence, if you own a pet, it is crucial that your house is kept pet-friendly. This is especially vital in areas like the kitchen where your pets are able to come in contact with sharp objects as well as ingredients that are harmful to them. 

So, if your kitchen is not already pet-friendly, keep reading on to learn about three minor tweaks you can make for it to be safe for your pets. The best part is that the tweaks or changes shared below are both cost-effective and eco-friendly

Keep toxic materials and food items away

One of the most dangerous areas of the home for a pet is the kitchen. This is because of food items that are harmful to them. For example, if you have a pet dog, food items like chocolates can cause health issues. Other common food items like candy, gum that are sweetened with xylitol can even cause liver failure because it makes your dog's blood sugar level drop drastically. Therefore, actions have to be taken earlier to prevent such events from occurring to your beloved and curious pets.

One simple tweak you can make is to store such items in unreachable places in your kitchen. Some pet owners even lock up cabinets for preventive measures. One handy tip would be to use separate plastic packaging containers to store food items that are toxic to your pets. This prevents you from accidentally getting it in contact with other food. Alternatively, you could also store those food items in disposable paper lunch boxes. This allows you to dispose of them conveniently after use without worrying about your pets getting in contact with leftovers on the packaging.

Pick your flooring wisely

Some people prefer using their kitchen as the place where they keep their pet's food and water. If this is the case for you, then your pet probably spends a significant amount of time in the kitchen. Hence, you should ensure that your type of flooring is best suited for their paws. Picking the right flooring is not only for keeping your pet's best interests in mind but also for yourself! Some flooring types are more prone to showing scratches. 

So, if you are looking to switch to a flooring type that is more pet-friendly, you should consider vinyl flooring, linoleum flooring as well as laminate flooring. These flooring types are durable, pet-friendly and easy to install, making them the go-to flooring for many pet owners in Singapore.

Secure your windows

Similar to having to baby-proof your home when you have a child, pets require pet-proofing as well. Most kitchens in Singapore have windows, and if your window is within reach of your cats and dogs, then it is essential that they are well secured. Cats and dogs are extremely curious creatures; however, it is impossible to keep your eyes on them 24/7. So, it is best to take all preventive measures to prevent any possible accidents.

There are various types of ways you can secure your windows. For example, you could try special pet-proof window latches or get wire window mesh to cover your window opening.


Following these three tips closely will guarantee a safer home for your pets. It also gives you the peace of mind when you are not at home. So, start evaluating your kitchen and see if areas like the flooring, window and food packaging needs changes.