3 Secret Tips To Promote Your Eco-friendly Business Locally

3 Secret Tips To Promote Your Eco-friendly Business Locally

As a small business owner, you would have noticed the increasing trend of other small businesses going green and implementing eco-friendly methods to run their business. If you are not sure why these businesses are making the switch to operate a green business, it is because of the various benefits they enjoy from making this decision.

For example, small businesses who go green are able to save more money. One way they do this is by minimising the power usage in their business. This is exceptionally crucial for small businesses since they do not usually have a large capital and every dollar saved goes a long way in ensuring their sustainability.

Suppose you are taking small steps to pivot your small business to becoming entirely eco-friendly. In that case, you are moving in the right direction in terms of sustainability as well as contributing to a greener earth. However, a common dilemma among many new small business owners is not knowing how to market and promote their green business locally.

If this is one of your concerns, keep reading on for three vital strategies to get the word out about your small business!

Branding yourself as a green business

As more people are becoming aware of the importance of going green, they are making active choices in their lifestyle towards eco-friendly decisions. This applies to the places they shop for clothes at as well as the places they buy their meals from. Therefore, it is crucial that you brand yourself as a green company so that your potential customers are able to find you and differentiate you from your competitors who are not eco-friendly.

One handy tip for branding your business as a local, eco-friendly company is through high-quality visuals. Well-produced videos are more likely to catch and hold your potential customers' attention as compared to articles or a press release. The most crucial part of your video should be showing how you are different from your competitors.

For example, you could start using kraft takeaway boxes and showcase them in these clips to feature how your business takes on the eco-friendly approach. Similarly, you could also pack your meals into recyclable pet round containers and promote your business – it doesn’t just have customers be aware of your environment-friendly ways; but the reusability in your packaging!

Essentially, having a well-executed video will do wonders in differentiating your business from competitors, and having more people remember your business.

Take advantage of social media!

Social media is one of the best ways to reach prospective customers; mainly because almost everyone utilises it. As such, this serves as an opportunity you should take advantage of.

However, before you begin posting almost everything online, you should do some research and have a plan for your social media strategy. It is critical that you perform some customer research and find out who your ideal clients are - this allows you to have a rough idea of the platforms that they usually hang out on.

For instance, if your ideal customers are the youth, you should focus on platforms like Instagram and even TikTok. Doing so allows you to avoid the common mistake of posting on platforms that your customers are not on and wasting resources like manpower and time.

Over the years, many small businesses have successfully grown their business merely through the power of social media. So, this is one tip that you would not want to ignore.

Host an eco-friendly themed event

This strategy is especially useful for small local businesses who are just starting out. By holding an eco-friendly themed event, you are able to gain significant traction, especially from local like-minded individuals who are behind the going green movement. 

If you are holding an eco-friendly themed event, you should also send out press releases to the local publications to cover your event and have more people know about it. Additionally, you could also arrange for a photographer on the day of the event to capture great pictures of your team bonding with the locals and further pushing the eco-friendly image. 


It can be tough starting your small business from scratch without much capital. However, these three practical yet cost-effective tips should help you market your business as well as reach out to your ideal customers.