3 Handy Tips To Declutter And Have An Organised Home

3 Handy Tips To Declutter And Have An Organised Home

After spending long, stressful hours at work or school, there's nothing more that people yearn for than some time to relax.

Hence, your home acts as a place you can seek refuge from the daily stresses and demands of life - this emphasises the importance of a nice and cosy home. However, what many do not realise is that their unorganised and cluttered house is actually causing more stress than eases them from it.

When relaxing at the end of a tiring day, you want to have your mind free of work as well as tasks you need to do next. However, relaxing in a disorganised and cluttered home only fills your mind with reminders that you need to clean your house. Not only does this prevent you from being at ease, but it also not an easy sight on the eye.

So, if you are interested in keeping your house uncluttered, these 3 tips will be of use to you!

Think twice each time you online shop

The best way to prevent your home from being cluttered with things you don't use is to stop buying stuff you don't need. This tip is extremely handy to keep you from cluttering your home again after you have decluttered it. With online shopping becoming more prevalent and convenient, it can be hard holding yourself back from making impulse buys, only not to use the item.

One reminder you should have before every purchase is asking yourself if you will be using that product on more than one occasion. If your answer is no, then you should refrain from buying it as it will only take up space and clutter your home.

Alternatively, you could also make a list of things you need and only buy the things on that list.

Try going digital

A common cause of clutter in most homes is paperwork. They take up space on your tables, fill up your cabinets and drawers and are not a pleasant sight on your eyes. What you could do is start eliminating paper in your household. 

There are various ways you can do this like scanning your documents and saving it on your computer. This allows you to free up space by getting rid of documents that have been cluttering your house for years.

Meanwhile, if you are worried that you might lose the scanned documents, you could save all of them in a hard drive which uses significantly less space on your desk as compared to heaps of papers.

Switch out bulky items for compact items

This tip applies to your kitchen and is handy, especially if you have a large family. A common sight in the kitchen of many homes is the cluttered plates and utensils.

However, there are many ways to combat this issue. You could install a hidden cabinet in your kitchen so your plates, cups and utensils are hidden from view.

Alternatively, you could also opt for substitutes to replace your bulky cutleries. There are many options, like plastic containers. Or if you’re always preparing meals for the family - be it for work or school, you could consider taking the eco-friendly route by purchasing a stack of biodegradable takeaway packaging for your food. This’ll ensure you don’t take up extra space, be able to dispose of them easily after use, and stay environmentally-friendly with such conservation efforts!


With these 3 simple yet practical tips, your home will look more organised, and you will also have a neat and comfortable space to relax after a tiring day.