3 Food Packaging Trends To Consider In Picking Takeout Boxes

3 Food Packaging Trends To Consider In Picking Takeout Boxes

If you are running a food and beverage (F&B) business, then you should be aware by now that food packaging is an important component of your business. Selecting the right takeout food boxes is a crucial part of making sure that your business succeeds. If you get this aspect wrong, you could lose some customers.

The demand for takeout food products has significantly increased during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many F&B businesses are now offering a takeaway option alongside their dine-in menu to help increase their sales and gain more customers. If you are relatively new to the takeout industry, there are a couple of factors you should consider in selecting your food packaging. Read on to find out the major trends you should take into account when choosing your takeout boxes.

1. Convenient Packaging

Most people nowadays have busy lifestyles that require convenience. This need for convenience has a huge impact on food takeout. Customers are purchasing the convenience of ordering and eating food on the go or in the comfort of their own homes. For a business owner, this means that your takeout boxes should be designed with convenience in mind.

Your food containers should be easy to carry and resealable, so the food does not need to be eaten all at once. For instance, using a plastic container with lid means that your customers can have the option to eat their food later in the day.

2. Personalised Packaging

Many businesses are now personalising their food packaging to stay ahead of the competition. The rise of this trend comes as no surprise since personalisation offers numerous benefits for businesses. For one, it helps restaurant personnel learn the names of their regular customers, thereby creating stronger connections with them. If the food packaging is shared on social media, it also provides restaurants with free promotions.

In addition, personalisation provides a nice touch that helps businesses stay top-of-mind with their customers. People naturally feel special if they receive a personal note when they order food. As a business owner, you may print personal messages on your takeaway items that will make your customers feel more valued. Simply leave a space on your food packaging, and write a little note that says, “Made with love for [customer’s name].”

3. Sustainable Packaging

As the world becomes increasingly aware of climate change, more and more customers are now placing pressure on businesses to be 100% transparent about the products they sell. This includes the packaging they use. Customers want to know where your food packaging items came from and how they were made. With increased emphasis on corporate social responsibility, customers are now less forgiving of businesses that do not share their values.

According to a survey, around two-thirds of consumers demand clear labelling and sustainable food packaging. Hence, if you want your customers to see your restaurant as an eco-conscious and socially responsible business, you should invest in biodegradable and eco-friendly food packaging. Among the most environmentally friendly options you have are kraft and bagasse food packaging.


Food packaging is undoubtedly a vital aspect of every F&B business, especially when food takeaways are on the rise these days. If you want your business to succeed, it is no longer enough to make sure that your food tastes great. You should also invest in the right takeout boxes that can improve the reputation of your brand and boost your sales. When deciding on your food packaging, convenience, personalisation, and sustainability are the trends you should keep in mind.

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