3 Essential Qualities To Look For In A Good Custom Pizza Box

3 Essential Qualities To Look For In A Good Custom Pizza Box

What is one thing that should go along your pizza (aside from cheese and pepperonis)? A high-quality pizza box! Good pizza boxes have always been in demand since a lot of pizza restaurants pop up every now and then. Basically, pizza must be packaged and maintained in a such a manner that it remains warm for a long period of time. This is because customers normally want their pizza to be warm and fresh.

So, if your restaurant fails to deliver your pizzas in a high-quality manner, you will surely lose customers in the long run. Aside from making your pizzas stay warm and fresh, your pizza boxes should also be eye-catching in order to attract more customers. To help you, here are 3 of the most essential qualities you should look for when choosing custom boxes for your pizzas.

1. Made of High-Graded Materials

As mentioned earlier, pizza is a product that needs to be served warm and fresh. If your pizzas are not always warm and served in the most appetising manner, your customers will likely start moving to your competitors soon. This becomes an even more burdensome task in case of a delivery service.

Because food delivery can sometimes take at least half an hour, especially on rush hours and in heavy traffic, there is a chance that your pizza will already be cold and soggy by the time it arrives at your customer’s home. To avoid this scenario, your custom pizza box should be made of high-graded materials that can keep your pizza warm and fresh for a long time. Only pizza boxes made of premium food packaging materials like cardboard can maintain your pizza’s temperature and keep moisture away from it.

2. Available in all sizes and shapes

Aside from the materials used, you should also take into consideration the available sizes and shapes of your pizza boxes. Since pizzas are available in different sizes – small pizzas are usually 8 to 10 inches in diameter, while medium and large pizzas are 12 inches and 14 inches in diameter, respectively – it is necessary that your pizza boxes should also be available in various sizes.

Other than the size, pizza packaging may also come in varying shapes or dimensions. While pizza packaging typically comes in a square box, you may also try using rectangle, circular, and even triangle single-serve slice pizza packaging to grab the attention of your customers. These unique shapes of pizza packaging will surely make a lot of people curious about your pizza.

3. Easy to print on and customise

Pizza boxes often have a lot of available spaces you can use to show off your creativity. As in any other business, your pizza packaging should look interesting and eye-catching in order to grab the attention of the public. Generally, it should be quite appealing in a visual sense, easy to read, and should generate welcoming feelings for your customers.

Hence, when choosing packaging boxes for your pizzas, go for the ones that are easy to print on and are customisable. For instance, plastic food packaging is known for being so easy to customise. Similarly, cardboard material may also be easily and creatively customised, provided that you work with a reliable printing company. Ultimately, your pizza packaging should not shy away from striking colours, bold lettering, and clever message on the box to set your pizza business apart from the others.


A pizza would not be complete without a high-quality and visually appealing pizza box. Indeed, the quality and appearance of your pizza boxes add to the overall appeal of your pizzas. By using top-grade, diverse, and customisable pizza boxes, your pizzas will definitely get the hype they deserve anytime soon!

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