3 Common Food Packaging Mistakes That Are Costing You Money

3 Common Food Packaging Mistakes That Are Costing You Money

Food packaging plays a critical role in the success of a food and beverage (F&B) business. Beyond the actual food, packaging affects whether or not your products are purchased and loved by the customers. As such, it is important to invest in high-quality food packaging solutions for your business, such as small disposable containers and paper bowls.

If your food’s packaging is not of high quality, it will probably cost you money. This is because it will result in you losing the attention of customers and ultimately dropping product sales. To avoid this, read on as this article enumerates some of the most common food packaging mistakes that will cause you to lose some money.

1. Using Out-of-Date Packaging

Using the same old-fashioned packaging for your food would hinder your success from the intense competition in the F&B market. If your competitors are upgrading the packaging of their products to boost the design’s usability and grab the customers’ attention, you should do the same thing. Otherwise, you are going to be one step behind from your competition.

Ask yourself this -- are you willing to be a trendsetter when it comes to your product’s packaging on the market?

If your answer is yes, then you should start closely scrutinising the shape, colours, texture, and overall design of your food packaging to hit the sensations of your customers. Outdated product packaging will not save you a single penny. Instead, the high cost of conventional packaging and having low sales will surely impact your business negatively. As much as possible, always try to maximise uniqueness in your food packaging to stay one step ahead of your competitors.

2. Using the Wrong Material or Size

Sometimes, your food’s packaging container may not be ideal for the specific food item at all. This usually happens when you have chosen the incorrect material and size without taking into consideration food safety and presentation. For instance, if you are selling baked goods like cakes, it is always best to use good cake boxes to package your products, not just ordinary plastic containers for food.

Choosing the right material and size is crucial for the effectiveness of your food packaging. If you want your business to seem eco-conscious and responsible, you should go for eco-friendly packaging materials, such as kraft, bagasse, and certain types of plastics like PET. The right match of packaging material will likely lead your business to success in a short period of time.

3. Lack of Packaging Design Testing

Delivering a food product with spoiled or damaged content would never convince your customers to come back, or make them satisfied with their purchase. While this may sometimes be caused by production error, it can also be due to the fact that your food packaging has not been tested before being used for business. This kind of mistake will most likely prevent you from earning patronage.

Product damage from improper packaging is a huge cost faced by numerous businesses, and it is necessary to minimise the probabilities of this occurring with yours. To ensure the quality of your food packaging solutions, you should consider the packaging tests for shelf life, handling and product content protection, and shipping durability. Testing your product packaging beforehand lets you avoid frequent returned products and refund requests.


There is no doubt that product packaging is an essential aspect of an F&B business. Before getting your food products live, you need to take into consideration all the crucial points that could help you obtain maximum business revenue and growth and reduce customer turnover due to inconsequential errors in product packaging. By investing in the right food packaging solutions, you can definitely lead your business to the trail of financial success!

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